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Redirect NTP to internal NTP

This is how I made sure clients on the LAN could not use external NTP servers on port 123, redirecting those requests to OPNsense internal NTP server (Chrony).

Table of contents

  1. Redirect NTP to internal NTP
  2. Authors
  3. Acknowledgments

Redirect NTP to internal NTP

  • Navigate to Firewall > NAT > Port Forward tab and click + Add
  • Click fa-level-up Add to create a new rule
  • Fill in the following fields on the port forward rule:
  • Interface: LAN
  • Protocol: TCP/UDP
  • Destination: Invert Match checked, LAN Address
  • Destination Port Range: NTP (123)
  • Redirect Target IP:
  • Redirect Target Port: NTP (123)
  • Description: Redirect NTP
  • NAT Reflection: Disable


Mr. Johnson